Artist Statement


My paintings explore the relationship between environment, psyche, and balance. Environment is characterized by any tangible force affecting an individual’s physical and/or conscious/unconscious self.  Monochromatic grids framed by neutral grays depict this. Psyche, the human soul, mind, or spirit is represented by the lyrically ornate, amalgamated black and white imagery. Compositionally, these disparate elements attempt to develop a sense of harmony and poise.  Upon further examination, one notices that the environment is slightly off-kilter, positioning the psyche to seek balance through amassing appendages of perceived value. For many, this has become a constant endeavor within our contingent world.


Artist Statement


Tommy White, born in Detroit, received his M.F.A. from Clemson University in the discipline of painting and a B.A. from Michigan State University in ceramics. His work is included in many private collections as well as the permanent collections of the Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama, Crayola Corporation, and Capital One Corporation. He has exhibited in over twenty states, the District of Columbia, Melbourne, Australia, and Seoul, South Korea. After working in higher education for nearly two decades, Tommy recently refocused his attention to his professional practice and enjoys working in his new studio located in Denver, Colorado.

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Old Kings, 2015

graphite and acrylic on panel

58” x 38”

  Tommy White Copyright 1993 - 2015